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Giant Inflatable Balloons transform Interior Spaces
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Giant Inflatable Balloons transform Interior Spaces

Giant Inflatable Balloons Transform Interior Spaces into Otherwordly Environments

Barcelona-based Penique Productions is an artist collective founded in 2007 that creates transformative installations in public spaces. To do this the group utilizes massive plastic balloons that are inflated inside buildings and other interior areas. Coupled with exterior lighting that illuminates the colored plastic, the results can be beautifully dramatic, making the new environment almost unrecognizable from the actual space.

You can see many more views of several installations on their website, and almost all of them are accompanied by videos that document the process. †has upcoming projects next month at both the UB University in Barcelona, and at Galeria N2.

Stitched Panorama



Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

The light transformed the piece depending on the time of day. In strong sunlight, the installation was deep blue inside and the architecture that enveloped it was tinted a shade of sky blue.
At night, the warm artificial light used in the gallery around the inflatable piece and the spot light installed in the central fountain outlined the volumes in darker shade of blue.







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