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Interactive Paper Sculpture

Interactive Paper Sculpture

A graphic design new and successful by the author Jonathan Safran for his last book “Tree off Codes”. The work is a paper sculpture interactive published by Visual Editions and printed by Die Keure. A technical challenge of writing and cutting...

Swimmers Scuptures // Sculture di nuotatori

Carole Feurman‘s hyper-realistic, larger-than-life sculptures. She currently has a one-person show going on through September at the Louise Alexander and Ilan Engel Gallery in Italy, which is particularly well-suited for the end of the summer: large sculptures of swimmers in...

Shinichi Maruyama – Art & Photography

Shinichi Maruyama –  Art & Photography

Wabi – Sabi. Ovvero la bellezza delle cose incomplete, imperfette e in divenire. Questo concetto è alla base degli ultimi lavori di Shinichi Maruyama, artista giapponese trapiantato a New York, che fa della fotografia una forma espressiva quasi pittorica. Per...

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