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Large-scale Digital Sculptures By Ken Kelleher
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The American Sculptor Ken Kelleher makes large-scale digital sculptures that are imagined in real public spaces.

His digital art has giant dimensions and stand in strong contrast to their surroundings of galleries, gardens, and public squares. People can see a continuous between material and form, light and shadow, time and space, and content.

“There’s an element of surprise when you create something that has never before existed in the world”, said Ken Kelleher.

Kelleher’s work is inspired by abstract sculptors David Smith and Anthony Caro. He takes basic, elemental shapes and inflates them; then alters and layers them in newly imagined forms.

The intention behind this is to facilitate dialogue about what it means to create—whether that’s real, tangible art or digital renderings. “Sculpture for me is an inquiry into the deep mysterious nature of things”, he continues. “What does it say to you? Where will it love? What is its larger context of being?”

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