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Small Shaped Elements Compose a Sculpture
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Rob Ley Studio created a small shaped elements that compose a monolithic sculpture titled Ambiguous.

This piece takes inspiration from the similarities seen when studying various forms that mark the beginning of life. The conceptual approach for this public artwork is based on the Education Center’s interpretive theme that “small things matter,” particularly how many small parts contribute to a whole.

Ambiguous was installed in Discovery Plaza, in front of the Education Center of Oregon Zoo, Portland.

Rob Ley created a sculpture composed of hundreds of small bow-tie shaped elements with unique-angled bends and rivets that turn the separate pieces into a singular, monolithic form.

Seeds, spores, eggs and pollen exhibit fascinating tectonic and textural qualities which are unique to the species, yet ambiguous when compared to one another. As a result, the sculpture may be understood both as a large form when seen from a distance, as well as an assembly of many small parts working together when viewed up close. The sculpture is created entirely from bead blasted stainless steel, with a yellow powder-coated interior surface.

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Pictures by Leah Nash | Christian Columbres

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