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Natural History Surrealist Sculpture | Ellen Jewett
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Natural History Surrealist Sculpture | Ellen Jewett

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these images show detailed paintings – in fact, Ellen Jewett‘s incredible whimsical creatures are all made from ceramic. Her pieces merge animals and other natural features like trees, flowers, and vines and her attention to detail will leave you speechless. Her delicate method of producing these sculptures involves working from the inside out and building up layer upon layer of detail until the final piece is complete. The Canadian artist’s interest in nature does not stop at her subject matter – she also prides herself on her use of exclusively non-toxic materials and local sourcing. Find out more about Ellen and her work on her website.

AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_01 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_02 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_03 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_04 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_05 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_06 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_07 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_08 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_09 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_10 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_11 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_12 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_13 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_14 AnimalSculpture_feeldesain_15

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