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NYT VR App | The New York Times
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NYT VR App | The New York Times

Virtual Reality is widely considered to be one of the tools that will be used extensively in communications in the coming months and years, and it’s already being adopted by various big names. The latest brand to release their own (very snazzy) VR app is the New York Times. Subscibers to the print version of the NYT will have received Google Cardboard visors in the post recently, and anyone (whether they have a Cardboard visor or not) can download the app on App Store and Google Play and watch special, immersive 3D videos related to content featured in the magazine. All content can be watched either using Google Cardboard or on a smartphone in non-3D. If you just watch one of the videos, make sure it’s “Walking New York” , an insight into the process behind an awesome piece of street art in New York City, with one particularly jaw-dropping scene where you hover over NYC in a helicopter. Enjoy!

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