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The Garden Igloo
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The Garden Igloo

The Garden Igloo was developed as a solution for people who want an outdoor space all year round, but are after something a little less permanent than a home extension. The geodesic dome is simple to construct and allows the perfect airflow, creating a uniform temperature inside. It can withstand wind and even snow in order to create a garden getaway to use throughout the year. The dome is light and airy, and panels can be added or removed according to the season – in summer, you may just want some light shade with the canopy cover, while in winter you’ll need a fully covered shelter away from the elements. The structure is also rust and rot-resistant so will survive for a long time, even outside in the elements.

GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_01 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_02 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_03 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_04 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_05 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_06 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_07 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_08 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_09 GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_10

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