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BMW unveils Marcello Gandini’s 1970s classic garmisch concept car
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At the 2019 edition of concorso d’eleganza in villa d’este, italy, BMW has unveiled the recreation of the BMW garmisch, a classic concept car designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone.

The car was first presented at the Geneva Motorshow in 1970, but simply vanished after its debut. With this revival, BMW pays homage to one of Italy’s most influential car designers and adds an exciting chapter to the company’s history.

Since its inception, German car manufacturer BMW has been inspired and influenced by Italy in terms of design and coach-building culture. Take for example the lightweight aluminium BMW 328 mille miglia created at carrozzeria touring in the late 1930s, or the wedge-shaped BMW M1 designed by Giorgetto Giugiario — in them an exchange of concepts and ideas across the alps is evident.

‘The original idea came from Nuccio Bertone himself who wanted to consolidate our existing relationship with BMW by designing a surprise show car for the Geneva Motorshow,’ recalls Gandini.

Pictures courtesy of BMW unless otherwise stated


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