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B-box: First Ever Hive Designed For Home Beekeeping
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Do you like honey? Bees are fantastic insects that besides producing honey are fundamental for the agricultural production chain, dealing with pollination. And the innovative start-up BEEing knows it well!

They create B-box, the first ever hive suitable if you have a large garden or a city apartment with a small balcony. The project was on Indiegogo and ended with more than 560% fully funded!

b-box is a revolutionary hive design that completely innovates home beekeeping. With patent-pending technology that allows you to monitor your bees and harvest honey without disturbing your hive.

B-box is simple and well-designed, urban friendly and in harmony with nature at its best.

What about safety? The b-box has exclusive features that allow you to care for your bees without disturbing or agitating them. People can keep it also in small places, since it requires less than 1 meter square of space.

Another great feature is that with the pull of a lever one can separate the honeycomb chamber from the rest of the hive. Bees will be able to exit the honeycomb chamber but not enter and the chamber empties out within a few hours. Then you can harvest your honey in a bee free environment. No protective clothing required. And, even more importantly, no bees die in the process!

BEEing is a project by Roberto Pasi and Gabriele Garavini. They received recognition from a variety of prominent organizations across the globe, such as Volvo and National Geographic. To see more, visit

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