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LeapHome: A New Way Of Living Inspired By Nature
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LeapHome is a new architectural solution that will revolutionize the construction industry: a house that is entirely realized through an industrial process, that is simple and innovative and adapts to your specific needs and desires, which is rethinking the dwelling paradigms.

80% less construction waste, 98% less water consumption, 100% recyclable, 100% reversible.

LeapHome was born from the experience of LEAPfactory, the Italy-based company known for building gorgeous prefabricated structures in extreme locations. Their mission is to develop a new process of home building that meets new market demand for environmental sustainability, energy self-sufficiency and residents’ well-being at the right price.

The very first LeapHome is FRAME, a two-story, 1,400 square foot house built with minimal impact on the environment. The home’s design is super energy efficient, so it can easily go off-grid.

The second model is LANDSCAPE: with an extremely flexible program, this prefabricated is designed for the enjoyment of the surrounding nature and to maximise the benefits of bio-climatic dynamics.

“We like to think that we can combine the comforts of a modern home with the profound freedom and the pioneering spirit of a life in perfect harmony with the environment that surrounds us”, said the founder Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore.

LEAPfactory was inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature. Each detail lives in an integrated manner with the totality, to maintain absolute quality and aesthetic consistency. People can fully customize, both external and internal finishes, as well as the technological equipment of the house. The added value is flexibility: changes can be made without any difficulties. Every building is unique!

Goodbye Building Site!

This is another great revolution brought by LEAPfactory. The operations include the assembly of small components and therefore with very limited weights – the execution of which may be entrusted to non-specialised workers.

LEAPfactory was born in Turin, Italy in 2012 upon the initiative of two architects, Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore. Read more here.

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