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Sandcastles | Calvin Seibert
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Sandcastles | Calvin Seibert

This summer, many of us are heading to the beach, and what better way to while away an afternoon than by making a nice sand castle? Here’s one sand sculptor who puts more effort into that than most; New Yorker Calvin Seibert is a true expert in sand castle building, although we’d actually have to call it sand architecture. His impossible-looking creations will undoubtedly amaze you, as he’s able to construct unbelievably detailed miniature buildings which look as if they’ve been made from concrete, not just any old beach sand. Seibert barely ever starts with a plan, and loves the challenge that sandcastles pose – you have to think fast and work faster before nature (or an excited child) comes to ruin your creation.

SandCastle_feeldesain_01 SandCastle_feeldesain_02 SandCastle_feeldesain_03 SandCastle_feeldesain_04 SandCastle_feeldesain_05 SandCastle_feeldesain_06 SandCastle_feeldesain_07 SandCastle_feeldesain_08 SandCastle_feeldesain_09 SandCastle_feeldesain_10 SandCastle_feeldesain_11 SandCastle_feeldesain_12 SandCastle_feeldesain_13 SandCastle_feeldesain_14 SandCastle_feeldesain_15 SandCastle_feeldesain_16 SandCastle_feeldesain_17 SandCastle_feeldesain_18 SandCastle_feeldesain_19 SandCastle_feeldesain_20 SandCastle_feeldesain_21 SandCastle_feeldesain_22 SandCastle_feeldesain_23

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