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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 80: Turkmenistan
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 80: Turkmenistan

Today we’re showing you another pavilion from a country you most likely aren’t very familiar with: Turkmenistan. The state is one of the birthplaces of ancient civilisations and was crossed by the Great Silk Road. With a fast-growing economy and wealth of natural, biological and cultural resources, Turkmenistan is becoming more and more globally important. The Turkmen pavilion’s theme is Water is Life, so water is present throughout, including a horse’s head fountain at the entreance and LED water drops on the outside of the pavilion, as well as a water feature with projection on the inside. The pavilion combines the modern and the traditional, showing guests high tech ideas in the form of a 5-D cinema as well as an LED version of the traditionally hand-made Turkmen carpets, and even yurts like the one on the rooftop of the pavilion. Over 3 floors, visitors will learn about food production, biodiversity and health, and of course can taste traditional Turkmen dishes.

ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_01 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_02 Expo padiglione Turkmenistan ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_04 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_05 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_06 Pavillions - Expo 2015 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_08 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_09 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_10 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_11 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_12 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_13 ExpoTurkmenistan_feeldesain_14

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