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Ölbryggan | Form Us With Love
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Ölbryggan | Form Us With Love

Swedish studio Form Us With Love recently worked on a fantastic beer exhibition at Stockholm’s Spiritmuseum, and added this wonderful space dedicated to the enjoyment of the 15 micro-brewery beers available on tap. The so called Ölbryggan (that’s navy pier beer garden to you and me) is an outdoor, covered area, where visitors can relax and enjoy the Swedish summer weather while sipping on a delicious craft beer. The simple design is, well, pleasantly Scandinavian, and features plenty of light wood on custom built benches, touches of green from edible plants resting on metal shelving units, and wooden flooring – all in neutral colours which highlight the varied tones of the beers on offer. The space feels urban but comfortable, the ideal place to have a drink with friends. The creators of the space wanted to go one step further, though, and encourage interaction between strangers too. So there are even conversation cards around the venue with beer topics intended to create conversation between brewers, beer enthusiasts, and the general public. If the weather permits, the fabric canopy can be pulled away, creating an open space looking out onto the waterfront. Over the summer, various breweries will control the taps, and visitors will be able to sample a range of beer-related bar snacks – if you’re in Stockholm, pop by!

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