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Super Flemish | Sacha Goldberger
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Super Flemish | Sacha Goldberger

Inspired by classical 16th Century Flemish portraits, Sacha Goldberger (who you’ve already seen here) took on the challenge of representing a selection of our favourite superheroes and villains in the same style. Using very convincing costumes and some great camera skills, the French photographer succeeds in representing both the character and the historical period, and the end result really does look like an oil painting.


Take a look at 16th Century Yoda and friends below!


SuperFlemish_feeldesain_01 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_02 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_03 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_04 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_05 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_06 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_07 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_08 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_09 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_10 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_11 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_12 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_13 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_14 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_15 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_16 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_17 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_18 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_19 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_20 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_21 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_22 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_23 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_24 SuperFlemish_feeldesain_25


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