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Eco-friendly Bamboo Sunglasses
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Eco-friendly Bamboo Sunglasses

Simply put, we create wearable artwork by making wooden sunglasses out of sustainable bamboo. Instead of using traditional woods for our wooden sunglasses, we have decided to use bamboo due to its environmental benefits. Bamboo is truly sustainable harvested grass that regenerates 8 times faster than hardwood. Not only does Bamboo mature rapidly, but harvesting does not kill the plant, making it a very Eco-friendly product. Bamboo is also moisture resistant and more durable than traditional hardwoods, making it an excellent material that will hold up better than other woods. BUY IT HERE

We believe supporting others that are doing good and making a difference is important. That is why we will donate a percentage of each sale to organizations that are helping others. In order to help as many people as possible, we will support a new cause every couple of months.

Woodwear is based in Hermosa Beach, California where we surf, skate and enjoy the good life near the ocean. We are inspired by California Beach culture and the nature that surrounds us.


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