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Samsung Exynos | Minimalist
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Samsung Exynos | Minimalist

The stylish packaging of the Samsung Exynos processor was designed by Korean design studio Minimalist. The graphic patterns used represent the”high and efficient performance in the data transmission”, and are also pretty nice to look at. The packaging is made up of acrylic pillars and a foiled hardcase box, and just goes to prove that tech packaging doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Check out the design below.


images credit: Minimalist

SamsunExynos_feeldesain_01 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_02 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_03 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_04 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_05 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_06 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_07 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_08 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_09 SamsunExynos_feeldesain_10

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