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Ori Pocket Closet For Mini Apartment

Ori company conceived within MIT has launched a modular robotic closet, the Ori Pocket Closet. The Ori Pocket Closet is the walk-in closet for small places. The first-ever standalone walk-in closet instantly multiplies storage capacity in nearly any space. With a modern design, smooth operation, and effortless control, the Ori Pocket…

Hand-made and technological precision meet in a dripping machine

Hand-made and technological precision meet in a dripping machine to creating ceramics with individual structures, patterns and textures. Carla Joachim and Jordan Morineau, who make up Studio Joachim-Morineau, created the machine to expand the field of ceramics by fusing together the precision of technology with a human touch – or “glitches” as they call…

Fabric, fire and coincidence in the “105 Ltr Formen” serie

Fabric, fire and coincidence in the “105 Ltr Formen” serie: a new formation by destruction has surfaced in Hannover, Germany by furniture designer Fabio Vogel. “105 Ltr Formen” is a project producing vases a new way – hot glass, fireproof fabric, and coincidence. The innovative concept creates unique models, meaning each piece is…

How The Internet May Look If All Data Was Smoke

Arranging smoke and glass tubes in the same order internet cables, Dutch multimedia artist Jeroen Van Loon asks us to consider how the internet may look if all data was temporary and ephemeral. “An Internet” installation works by having the smoke puffed into the glass tubes, when the tube fills up, the smoke…

Neri Oxman collaborates with MIT to develop a water-based renewable material

Neri Oxman collaborates with MIT to develop a water-based renewable material. The team has developed an organic composed and digital manufactured material using a polymer from the ocean. The process combines an age-old crustacean-derived material with robotic fabrication and synthetic biology.  Together this biologically derived digital fabrication process forms constructs that utilize graded material…

Design objects with wireless-charging technology by Pesi

This series of design objects with wireless-charging technology, created by PESI, charges your electronic goods. Together with Samsung, the Seoul-based studio has created “Composition” a series of thoughtful objects that combine a built-in battery at their base —  enabling them to exist more as design pieces that blend in with the home,…

Honor 9
Honor 9: tecnologia e stile a un prezzo competitivo

Se siete di quelli che tecnologia, stile e prezzo competitivo devono andare a braccetto e siete sempre attenti alle ultime novità sul mercato, il nuovo smartphone Honor 9 vi conquisterà facilmente. Bello da vedere, facile da usare, competitivo nelle prestazioni, è sicuramente uno fra i top della sua categoria. A partire…

Wearable alternative to traditional hospital drips by Alissa Rees

Alissa Rees, a young social and concept designer graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, has developed an intravenous system that can be worn, giving hospital patients more freedom to move around. The IV-Walk project forms part of Rees’ ongoing projects to “humanise the hospital”, by introducing designs that are more patient-friendly. They are all based on…

Vinicius Araújo synthesizes technology and typography

The Rio de Janeiro-based Vinicius Araújo is a young VA designer and his last project is about a unique electronic alphabet. Technology and typography unite in this series of digital letterforms designed with electronics in mind. Vinicius Araujo has envisioned 26 characters based on brands from Apple to Zenith. The initials reflect some of the…

Sasha Kats exploring symbiotic relationship

There’s perhaps no two objects more different than a brand new laptop built in a sterile factory and a healthy living plant that’s evolved over millions of years. Sasha Katz instead imagines the relationship between computers and plants as a bit more gray, where computers can one day interface directly with…