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Design objects with wireless-charging technology by Pesi
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Design objects with wireless-charging technology by Pesi

This series of design objects with wireless-charging technology, created by PESI, charges your electronic goods.

Together with Samsung, the Seoul-based studio has created “Composition” a series of thoughtful objects that combine a built-in battery at their base —  enabling them to exist more as design pieces that blend in with the home, and less as tech objects.

Studio PESI’s design was determined through speculation on how we will use technology in the future.

Byounghwi Jeon and Seungjoon Song of PESI explain, “The wireless-charging technology is in a simple form of charging rather than in complex connections so that it provides a charging environment that naturally mixes with the living space. We are proposing a natural and comfortable environment of using mobile products in living spaces through two types of the design of wireless-charging product collection that expand in various forms and soak into every living space.”



It’s a tray-type design of wireless-charging product which is expandable to various tray furnitures. It offers wireless-charging environment in one perfect furniture form to match the nature of natural wireless-charging technology, rather than another electronic form.

By combining the structure at the bottom of the tray, it can be expanded into new furniture types and various combinations can be made with the colors and materials upon tastes of consumers. Battery is built-in so that once the battery is fully charged, consumers just remove the cable and move it freely into living spaces.

This collection, available in a palette of rust, olive, white and black, consists of three furniture designs; Tray Cabinet, Tray Shelf, and Tray Table.


Photography by PESI



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