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Product Design

Vanessa Barragão’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems

Vanessa Barragão ’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems using recycled yarns and creating intricate tapestries of ecosystems by hand. Studio Vanessa Barragão is a design studio focusing on the artisanal techniques and wasted yarns from the industry to produce textiles and products for interiors. Growing up in the seaside, her connection to…

Arkad Pouf by Note Design Studio for Zilio A&C

Arkad Pouf by Note Design Studio for Zilio A&C  is a brand new collection inspired by architecture. After experimenting with various architectural shapes, the Stockholm-based Note Design Studio, discovered they were drawn to arches when they turned the negative space within the arch into a positive form. Lining up multiple positive…

Strikingly abstract vases by Sara Ricciardi

Strikingly abstract vases by Sara Ricciardi, Milan-based designer drawing on the beauty of life and its natural materials to create vases with a playful sensibility. Her sculpted pieces encourage creativity for the owner by allowing for an endless variety of compositions. Ricciardi’s vases stand out from their environment, and each piece is crafted…

Parotia TV Unit by Burak Kocak

Multidisciplinary designer Burak Kocak made a TV Unit called Parotia. The aim of the artist is to create a background for the TV and turning TV as a focal point to users. The soft touch shell aims to create an emotional bond with the customer, making the object more appealing.…

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair, a simple wood chair that’s been designed to easily change the upholstery on the seat. The chair, made from bent Ash wood, works like an embroidery frame, that slides over a piece fabric and tightens to hold it in place and showcase it like a…

Design objects with wireless-charging technology by Pesi

This series of design objects with wireless-charging technology, created by PESI, charges your electronic goods. Together with Samsung, the Seoul-based studio has created “Composition” a series of thoughtful objects that combine a built-in battery at their base —  enabling them to exist more as design pieces that blend in with the home,…

ArchiExpo | The online architecture and design exhibition

ArchiExpo is the market’s most comprehensive online sourcing tool for professionals. Their mission is simple: bring buyers and manufacturers together in one place. From modern, professional furniture pieces to unique and functional structures, there is something for every growing business, independent seller, or even product design admirer. This year, ArchiExpo…

AudioJar | Fab Speakers

A simple housing for David Mellis‘ open-source Fab Speakers. Using readily available household items and basic construction methods allow for even further customization and flexibility of the Fab Speakers. Varying jar shapes/sizes can be mixed with alternate feet for different lookesigned by Sarah Pease. [via] Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get…

Nail It | Avihai Shurin

Most of us have felt the pain of hitting a thumb or finger with a hammer when we were, in fact, aiming for a nail. Designer Avihai Shurin has obviously been in this position as well, or he surely wouldn’t have thought of the idea of the Nail It nail…

Layer | Sohyun Yun

Some items of furniture are easier to personalise than others. You can easily change the look of your table with a tablecloth or some interesting decorations, but chairs are often harder to change according to your mood. That’s where Layer comes in. Designed by Sohyun Yun, it’s a transparent acrylic…

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