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Recast -the beauty of uniqueness
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The continuous evolution in the Recast lamp wasteless production cycle is fascinating both in the sustainable idea and in the unique aesthetic result.

“Recast”: give something a different form by melting it down and reshaping it.

Waarmakers is a design studio based in Amsterdam. The philosophy of the founder Simon and Maarten is to make the world a better place with design, producing truly useful objects and limiting waste.

“Our designs are manifestations of a belief that everything can be reimagined and redesigned for a more sustainable future. Each new design should be a test of convention, and a step in a better direction.”

So they created a very sustainable series of luminary called Recast, a zero-waste product collection. 

Recast is a handmade wall mounted led lamp, the result of great attempts to create a green production cycle

All production offcuts of the stone-like composite are reinserted into the manufacturing process, which gives the lamp its ever-changing colourfully fragmented appearance.
With each new production, this pattern will evolve to become more and more intricate and detailed.

Each of the fragmented patterns shows the colour and structure of previous pieces, embodying the production history of the series. Due to this, every single lamp is unpredictably different.

Every single piece is unique since the flakes from the previous series vary in shapes and colors every time.

The style is minimal, the pattern recalls vintage marble items in a glamour pastel version. The four bases are in shade Galaxy Black, Pistachio Green, Blossom Pink and Stone Grey.

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