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Donna Wilson’s playful mind creates a new furniture line
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Donna Wilson’s playful mind creates a new furniture line where mirrors and chairs are enhanced by colors and original organic shapes.

The artis has honed a successful career with her imaginative textiles that are well-known for their whimsical patterns and colors. After seeking a much-needed break last year, she’s back with a new direction that gives nod to her creative roots. While bold patterns and colors remain, Abstract Assembly delves into experimentation of both materials and processes resulting in a playful collection of furnishings that debuted during this year’s London Design Festival.

A year ago I embarked on a new direction with the main purpose to satisfy my creativity. I finally managed to stand back from what I was doing with my company and see what I needed to do. With no idea where it would take me, I started drawing and painting in the evenings. The next step was for me to bring these abstract doodle to life and start working in wood, I wanted to make hand-assembled pieces using traditional carpentry techniques and luckily my partner Jon was able to help me develop these pieces into a collection of chairs and mirrors.

Anna Wilson

Abstract Assembly, which includes a bench, three chairs, and four mirrors, features abstract, organic shapes that are reinterpreted into three-dimensional forms from Donna’s watercolor paintings. Those shapes are made from oak, beech, and Douglas fir offcuts that are joined together using traditional joinery.

The collection was manufactured in collaboration with Jon Almond of Produce the Goods and SCP, and each piece is available in a limited edition of just 10 pieces with each edition hand painted in different colors by Donna herself.


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