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The Beauty Of Nature In Floris Wubben’s Furniture
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Dutch designer Floris Wubben shows the beauty of nature by giving organic materials a new design perspective.

Founded in 2009, Studio Floris Wubben creates unique ceramics, mirrors, lighting, and furniture, that are inspired by the beauty of nature. Fire, water and wood are just a couple of elements that Floris Wubben uses as pieces of inspiration. Dutch designer uses objects found in nature and uses them to create functional objects in a variety of shapes and colors, that retain a raw and organic character.

The manufacturing process

His lighting designs include the ‘Crystal Twist’, a series of hanging light fixtures made from acrylic stone that have the appearance of being twisted and torn; and ‘Crystal Shift’, sculpted pieces made that are suspended mid-air. Other furniture designs include ‘Stripped’, a standing lamp made from a preserved raw tree branch, and ‘Upside Down’, a chair made from an inverted willow tree trunk that provides stability through branches that are carved and splinted into four legs.

For the Crystal Twist collection, Studio Floris Wubben developed a series of lamps made of acrylic stone.

Crystal Shift

Above, pressed Epoxy Vases by Studio Floris Wubben. The items created with the “pressing-machine” emphasize the meaning of human actions in creating objects. The choice to extrude profiles and the way one moves the presser has a huge influence on the esthetical appearance of the final artifact.

All images © Floris Wubben | Feature image © Sebastian Erras

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