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HAWA Beirut Collection Inspired From The Lebanese Architecture

Beirut-based interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine designed HAWA Beirut, a collection of very light or airy furniture inspired from the Lebanese architecture. Specifically the arches pay homage to the cultural heritage of Lebanon. The word HAWA comes from the Arabic language which describes the lightweight silhouettes as “very light or airy”. Hawa…

Oval Side Tables Using Fluted Glass By Thinkk Studio

Bangkok-based design firm Thinkk Studio creates side tables made from fluted layers of glass. These tables are part of a collection titled ‘Made In Thailand’ that intends to create unorthodox furniture incorporating industrial design processes. Thinkk Studio worked with local Thai manufacturers and craftsmen to create a collection that distances…

furniture bram kerkhofs
Bram Kerkhofs Designed Hybrid Cabinets

Belgian designer Bram Kerkhofs created Coil, a modular furniture system designed to combine the function of an open shelf and a display cabinet. Each Coil unit is wrapped in a semi-transparent curtain of woven elastic rope instead of a hard shell. To create the curtain-like wall, the pieces of rope are…

Marble and metal meet in the InHale collection

Marble and metal meet in the InHale collection created by the Belgian designer Ben Storms. The artist placed huge blocks of marble on top of inflated metal “pillows” to create this range of coffee tables, exhibited at the first edition of Collectible Design Fair. Storms wanted his InHale collection to give the illusion that each…

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo demonstrate the perfect balance between natural and manmade materials, embracing visual heaviness and experimenting with recycled rubber crumb.  Commissioned by Fikra Campus, a multi-use space in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, that comprises a design studio, a co-working space, a café, a design library and…

Stephen Johnson developed a colorful adhesive dough

London designer Stephen Johnson developed a colorful adhesive dough that is strong enough to bond parts of furniture together. The synthetic dough, called PLAY, is designed to look like children’s modelling toy Play-Doh, but to function as a strong adhesive. It can be used to bond a range of materials, including…

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences ; combining marble surfaces with geometric elevations and pastel hues, the Melbourne studio Biasol creates the perfect Grand Budapest Hotel atmosphere. The Budapest Cafe is located in the Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan province, but its owners specifically chose an Australian design studio to create an environment that would…

Nika Zupanc designed a cylindrical cabinet for storing keepsake

The Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc designed a cylindrical cabinet with one hundred and forty four small white drawers. Made from CNC-cut plywood with small ball-shaped brass handles, the drawers that wrap around the Tower cabinet are designed to store small objects collected by the owner. “It is inspired by all the small things that…

Wink Lamp by Houtique and Masquespacio

The Wink Lamp is the result of the collaboration between Houtique and Masquespacio. The meeting between these two firms started when the founders of both companies came together with the aim to study new projects to work on together. The result is a new collection of furniture and the “Wink” lamp.…

IKEA PØSTËRS, an unofficial series by Adoratorio Studio

Italian design firm Adoratorio Studio loves IKEA so much that it has created an unofficial series of beautiful graphic posters in tribute to the Swedish homeware company. The collection features eight of IKEA’s most popular designs, including the Billy bookshelf, Lack side table, Stockholm rug and Ribba frame. By using color gradients to create light…

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