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8 Questions With Marlene Huissoud
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Marlène Huissoud is an experimental designer based between London and Paris. She uses insects and their waste streams to create future craft artefacts. Well known is her work called From Insects.

Marlène Huissoud’s work as been exhibited worldwide in major Institutions such as Victoria and Albert Museum London, Chamber New York, Design Miami Basel, Design Museum Barcelona, Design Days Dubaï, and so much more.

Today on Feel Desain, the 8 Question with… Marlene Huissoud.

Some people call me an artist, others a designer, and some a weirdo. I don’t like to define myself too much and try to keep my practice as open as possible

  1. Hi Marlene, since From Insects you have developed a process of working that involves bees and silkworms. Where did the idea come from? What inspires you?

Everything I do started with my family background, the French Alpes, my father’s beehives, the nature and I guess a digestion all of that created what I do now. And even if you escape it moving to the city, your roots will always call you back. I believe that art and design has to question our actual surroundings and give back to nature as much as possible.

  2. How would you define yourself, as a green and sustainable artist?

Some people call me an artist, others a designer, and some a weirdo. I don’t like to define myself too much and try to keep my practice as open as possible. By doing so I’m able to collaborate with a lot of different people, from a farmer, a museum, a scientist, an engineer… And it is where I can learn the most and have more fun.

Frozen Collection

3. From a technical point of view, how long does it take to create a vessel of yours?

It really depends on the size of course but I never really count the time spent on one piece. I make really little production a year so I enjoy spending 2 months on a piece sometimes. I know it can sound crazy but I’m not working on quantity but talking about ‘statement piece’.

  4. The most exciting/challenging project you worked for?

I think the most exciting project is coming this year, as it is a challenging project for my practice by its scale, stay tuned!

5. An object that is precious to you.

As simple as it is. My notebook. I write a lot. Sometimes very crazy thoughts and ideas. It is a very precious time and object for me.

  6. While you work, do you listen to music? Or better working in silence?

Music is very important to me. I would say that silent moments are rare to my daily life. Music can give me so many emotions and I can get very inspired by it.

7. How do you define creativity?

Creativity is a non stop process. I would love sometimes to pause my brain but it is impossible. Creativity is about curiosity and constant analysis of what is around you.

  8. Anything extra you would like to share?

Yes probably an advice to everybody out there:“Don’t be scared of failures and trust yourself.”

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