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Ikea and Design Indaba launched the Överallt collection
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Ikea and Design Indaba launched the Överallt collection. They team up to create a brand new furniture line that includes many different African references.

A chair that is “perfect for hacking” and baskets made from faux hair braids are among the products created by African designers for an IKEA homeware range.

Launched this week at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, the Överalltcollection features products by creatives from five African countries, including Sengalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane, South African textile designer Laduma Ngxokolo and Kenyan design office Studio Propolis.

It also includes textiles that reference African landscapes, rugs made from recycled crisp packets and a bench designed to encourage socialising.

The project is the result of a partnership with Design Indaba, which had the task of picking which designers should be involved.

IKEA hopes the project will show the world that there is an explosion of creativity coming out of Africa right now.

“They were quite interested in what was rising from the ground here in Africa,” explained Design Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo. “They wanted to capture this in some way, and asked if we could possibly assist with finding some great people of Africa who could be most representative of this spirit.”

“Because they are a furniture company, we didn’t necessarily go and pick furniture designers,” he continued. “We actually picked good thinkers. We just went across and found people who are really getting out there, taking risks and expressing themselves, and who represented the best of the African creative garde.”

Issa Diabaté, an architect and designer from the Ivory Coast, designed a simple chair that reflects the African approach to living outdoors and indoors. Made using only a single sheet of plywood, the chair is designed to be tailored to its user’s needs.

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