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Holo-Scandinavian, An Iridescent Twist On Mid-Century Furniture Design
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Holo-Scandinavian is the latest conceptual 3D rendering by Barcelona-based firm Six N Five Studio: a collection of furniture pieces in holographic colors. 

Past works by the studio have largely involved art direction, digital animation, and hyper-realistic renderings of interior spaces and products. “This time, we wanted to bring this exploration a step further”, explained owner and director Ezequiel Pini, “so we decided to design the furniture itself, the star of the visual, to do the complete job.”

The prototypes for ‘Holo-Scandinavian’, designed by Brazilian designer Artur de Menezes while interning at the studio, involve chairs, tables and couches rendered in a metallic color palette of lilacs, lavenders, and pinks. “Exaggerated and unexpected shapes appear as a strange but at the same time beautiful celebration of the mid-century Scandinavian design”, said the studio.

The series bridges together digital art, minimal design, and 3D technology; a process that is shifting perceptions of the future of graphic design, conveying an aesthetic that is very of the moment.

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