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Bram Kerkhofs Designed Hybrid Cabinets
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Bram Kerkhofs Designed Hybrid Cabinets

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Belgian designer Bram Kerkhofs created Coil, a modular furniture system designed to combine the function of an open shelf and a display cabinet.

Each Coil unit is wrapped in a semi-transparent curtain of woven elastic rope instead of a hard shell. To create the curtain-like wall, the pieces of rope are stretched taut and slotted into a curve that is cut out of the stainless steel sheets that form the top and bottom of the cabinet.

The internal shelves have a smaller surface area than the top and bottom, preventing them from touching the elastic, and are spaced 40 centimetres apart using aluminium tubes. To add or remove an item from the shelves, the user must push apart the strings of elastic.

“Coil is the answer to new ideas and new evolutions in living,” Kerkhofs said. “Coil redefines the cupboard as an object in its use.”

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