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Amos Rex Is Playful Landscape In Helsinki Square
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Amos Rex Is Playful Landscape In Helsinki Square

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In Helsinki square JKMM Architects present an underground art museum called Amos Rex, which transforms the city’s public space into a playful landscape.

Amos Rex is the new name for the former Amos Anderson Art Museum. The new contemporary architecture is a series of domed subterranean galleries that serve as an extension to the landmark 1930’s Lasipalatsi building, refurbished as part of the project.

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jkmm architects amos rex helsinki

As the city plan would not allow an extension to the building above ground, the museum and JKMM developed a plan to extend the building beneath its courtyard, which was formerly used as a bus station.

“Due to planning constraints on the site, the new spaces for the art museum had to be built underground, but the building still needed to be present in an urban context,” Asmo Jaaksi founding partner at JKMM Architects.

The largest of the domes contains the art museum’s principle gallery space, which will be used to accommodate large scale works of art such as TeamLab’s opening digital installation.


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