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Vaupel creates for Atmos Coffee a disruptive coffepot
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Vaupel creates for Atmos Coffee a disruptive coffepot

Vaupel Design creates for Atmos Coffee a disruptive coffepot.

Coffe lovers can now bring convenience and style in their everyday life thanks to this new coffe maker.

The invention doesn’t require a drip control tap and complex glass tubes. The air-lock creates perfectly even water pressure across the coffee grinds to produce consistently great tasting coffee.

Compared to the drip taps on conventional set-ups, this means a brew can be run overnight with no hourly adjustment needed for perfectly consistent extraction, even for novices. Whether in the kitchen, in the fridge or on the breakfast table, the Atmos fits effortlessly into everyday use and a modern lifestyle. Moreover it is equally suitable for a quick morning coffee on the go or a weekend brunch with friends. It makes up to 5 shots of cold drip espresso which keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Atmos Coffe is a startup founded by the inventor of the atmos extraction system, who initially prototyped it with modified existing coffee maker parts. Vaupel Design then created the unique look by striving for the simplest and most efficient shape for daily use and manufacturing. the companies aim to raise $50 000 via their Indiegogo Campaign.

Photography by Atmos Coffee

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