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This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences
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This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences ; combining marble surfaces with geometric elevations and pastel hues, the Melbourne studio Biasol creates the perfect Grand Budapest Hotel atmosphere.

The Budapest Cafe is located in the Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan province, but its owners specifically chose an Australian design studio to create an environment that would appeal to an international audience.

A palette of nostalgic and vivid color27

Biasol, headed up by architect Jean-Pierre Biasol, looked to the “vivid and nostalgic colour palettes” seen in movies by American filmmaker Wes Anderson. To achieve this, the designers chose to focus on materials that they described as feminine, which resulted in a palette of light-grey marble surfaces and speckled multi-coloured terrazzo plains, as well as pastel greens and pinks for the walls and furniture.

“Our design draws on filmmaker Wes Anderson’s meticulous, memorable and magical worlds to create an inviting destination with whimsical character and international appeal,” explained the designers.

“He tends towards one-point perspectives and peering down from above; gives attention to the edges of a set as much as the middle; and frames stories with proscenium arches,” they continued.

Photography by James Morgan

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