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Memory Lapses | Temporary installations linked to strong memories
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Memory Lapses | Temporary installations linked to strong memories

Memory Lapses are temporary installations linked to strong memories realized by the photographer François Ollivier .

In a series that revisits places heavy with nostalgia, the Montreal-based artist, constructs sculptures that erase themselves through the flash of his camera. By overexposing reflective material in the process, data becomes absent from the digital file, creating an empty zone in the image that alters reality and distorts our perception: like time and distance do.

Those places are important to him — from Montréal to Roquebrune sur Argens and the coastline of Portugal, each place selected because of its connection to François’ emotional history. Though the sculptures look as if they have been removed from the photographs — they haven’t. “The sculpture erases itself in the process,” François explains, “It’s not photoshopped out. It’s actual subtraction by light.”

Created using a reflective material, when exposed to a bright flash the sculptures seemingly cease to exist; “The light of the flash makes it so white that there is no data anymore in that part of the image. It’s gone. Burnt out. Timing was important, it had to be made at the right hour, at sunset when there is still daylight so that you can’t tell that I used a flash.”  These subtractions alter the landscape of the image and distort our perception, much like time and distance.


Photography by François Ollivier 

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