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Dawson’s abstract work, titled “Aesthetic Sabotage”

Dawson’s abstract work, titled “Aesthetic Sabotage”, uses conventional materials like clay and canvas in unconventional ways, to create works where not all is as it seems. The creative practice of London-based artist Robert Dawson centers around disrupting the perspective of the viewer. Dawson’s patterned clay artworks draw upon familiar motifs. He…

EyeBuyDirect glasses re-frame your world

EyeBuyDirect glasses re-frame your world turning everyday situations into surprising explosions of life and colour. For that project, the motion graphics studio ManvsMachine has nestled into a new area of animating: character design. Originally, EyeBuy Direct’s “EyeBuyGuy” was a “fun animated character who would pop up in the live action spots…

Color And Sound Merge With HAY And Sonos

Color and sound merge with HAY and Sonos. The experience of one is impossible without the experience of the other in this unique object The One where these two sensory experiences come together. This limited edition collection is a set of speakers that reimagines the Sonos One in a new range of…

A Lucid Dream in Pink by Studio Brasch

Stockholm-based firm Studio Brasch, the brainchild of Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen, has just released a dreamscape of pastel pinks and dusky peaches rendered in 3D—”A Lucid Dream in Pink, Sleep Cycle No 17“. In these hyperreal renderings, plants with velveteen leaves spill from the frame, peach terrazzo tiles stand as…

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences ; combining marble surfaces with geometric elevations and pastel hues, the Melbourne studio Biasol creates the perfect Grand Budapest Hotel atmosphere. The Budapest Cafe is located in the Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan province, but its owners specifically chose an Australian design studio to create an environment that would…

IKEA PØSTËRS, an unofficial series by Adoratorio Studio

Italian design firm Adoratorio Studio loves IKEA so much that it has created an unofficial series of beautiful graphic posters in tribute to the Swedish homeware company. The collection features eight of IKEA’s most popular designs, including the Billy bookshelf, Lack side table, Stockholm rug and Ribba frame. By using color gradients to create light…

Studio KO celebrates Yves Saint Laurent

Studio KO celebrates Yves Saint Laurent with a stunning museum in Marrakech. A lace-like brickwork facade and an interior inspired by a couture jacket lining are some of the fashion-inspired features of Studio KO‘s Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech. Dedicated to the work of legendary couturier Yves Saint Laurent, the 4,000-square-metre building is the…

Porcelain bowls designed to look like paint blobs

Alissa Volchkova was showing her Liquid Series bowls at the Now! Le Off  exhibition of emerging talent during the Paris Design Week. The series is made by bowls that are made by free-pouring the material to form irregular blob-like shapes. Each is made using two processes. First, the bowl is slip-cast in a mould…

A contemporary look at the Rube Goldberg machine

London-based artist Kyle Bean in collaboration with photographer Jonathan Knowles and and art director Lauren Catten present an updated, contemporary look at the Rube Goldberg machine.  Famous for being the only man to have had his name transformed into an adjective, Rube Goldberg – complicating what is seemingly simple – originates from the man’s…

Lonely Houses | Sejkko

Portuguese photographer Manuel Pita ( Sejkko ) is fascinated by colorful houses and spends time snapping the most particular ones that he comes across, usually on the background of a beautiful blue sky. Most of his photographs are taken in Portugal, but some come from other countries like Spain, Turkey and Croatia. The…