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IKEA PØSTËRS, an unofficial series by Adoratorio Studio
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IKEA PØSTËRS, an unofficial series by Adoratorio Studio

Italian design firm Adoratorio Studio loves IKEA so much that it has created an unofficial series of beautiful graphic posters in tribute to the Swedish homeware company.

The collection features eight of IKEA’s most popular designs, including the Billy bookshelf, Lack side table, Stockholm rug and Ribba frame. By using color gradients to create light and shadow, the team is able to render each poster design in pleasingly similar shades—for instance, the Kallax cabinet is portrayed in tangy orange hues, while the Docksta table is shown in red, coral and pink.

The best part of this project would have to be how all of the posters are available for free download here—if you are a IKEA lover, you may want to print out some of these and display them as art in your home.

Photography by Adoratorio Studio

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