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Neuroscience-inspired installations at the Shiseido Ginza building
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Neuroscience-inspired installations at the Shiseido Ginza building

Tokyo-based design studio, WOW inc., has designed a visual installation series for the Shiseido Ginza building in Tokyo.

The series comprises three pieces based on the concept of neuroscience: “Neuro Surge”, “Interactive Wall”, and “Product Room”. Each installation is intended to create a dynamic interaction between the product and visitors made for a press conference of shiseido’s new product which starts selling next year.

“Neuro Surge” is the first installation and is located at the entrance of the building; it visualizes the brain’s reaction to new information. Here, visitors can feel how their senses and nerves are working when exposed to daily information or stress.

Measuring about 9 meters in height, the work pierces through the atrium of the building from the first to the second floor and creates an unprecedented display of light with the use of new advanced fibers. WOW inc. attached 150 fibers with a .9 millimeter diameter to a laser module: the laser module transmits light through the fibers, which can be controlled by touch. The interactive work visualizes the complex transmission of sensory nerves and information into a dynamic light show.


“Interactive Wall’ is the second installation and here the visitor can feel how neuron cells are activated by touching the wall made by stretchable fabric.

The last installation, “Product Room”, is a quiet space with dim lighting filled with product samples. The design of the product, including the form and texture of the bottle surface, is inspired by chaki, the concept behind a japanese tea ceremony in which people enjoy the craft of tea. “We wanted people to enjoy and appreciate the product, form, texture, scent, etc. by amplifying their senses through these installations”, explains the design team.

The quiet space allows visitors to interact with the new product.

Photography by Tomooki Kengaku



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