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Color And Sound Merge With HAY And Sonos
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Color And Sound Merge With HAY And Sonos

Color and sound merge with HAY and Sonos. The experience of one is impossible without the experience of the other in this unique object The One where these two sensory experiences come together.

This limited edition collection is a set of speakers that reimagines the Sonos One in a new range of colors—red, yellow, pink and green—all drawn from HAY’s 2018 palette. The speakers are aesthetically subtle, and despite their vibrant colorways “aren’t designed to claim attention, but to blend naturally into their surroundings”, says Tad Toulis, Sonos VP of Design. Through this speaker, Sonos continues to explore the relationship between home and sound—this time, with the addition of HAY’s sophisticated and bold color-ways. The speaker will be available from November 2018.

HAY explores the relationship between sound and design in the home.  “Working across industries we have learned a lot about our brand and how other companies work bringing in new energy and ideas especially to a design team. With Sonos the design of the Sonos One is exactly how we would do a speaker so it was a perfect match for us design wise.” Rolf Hay

The yellow color is very inspired by kitchens and bathrooms where things can often be light colors, stainless steel and porcelain.

For the green they want something that looked like pots or plants in the window frames where you could also place the Sonos in green and it would blend in.

The light grey was for everyone, but was very important for them to find the right shade. That’s a shade that is for both a workspace or is more neutral in a home and can fit with a lot of different looks.

Pink is intended for the fashionable person. Because all things unexpected in pink create a special desire right now.

The red is the final color Rolf Hay selected for the collection: it is such an important color for furniture. So they decided for an iconic red that also fits well with the New Order shelf from Stefan Diez.


Photography by HAY

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