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Acid Colors And Digital Motive Patterns For Campus X By Tommaso Guerra
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Acid Colors And Digital Motive Patterns For Campus X By Tommaso Guerra

Rome-based interior designer Tommaso Guerra designed the interiors of Campus X, the biggest university campus in Italy.

The whole space can host 1.800 students from all over the world. The campus comprises private rooms, along with lots of common areas, like study rooms, lounge spaces, co-working spaces, and a play zone for students to study, relax, or socialize with each other.

Tommaso Guerra flipped the project in two style guides. For the study rooms he used soft colors and clear pale wood. In the central part of the co-working space there is a big table, designed by Tommaso, with 5×8 cm section wood bars and colored cylindric bars. Every section of the table has its color, so the effect is similar to an assembly toy. The chalkboard structure (etched black glass), that continues on the ceiling and becomes a lighting structure, follows the same style.

In the lounge and play areas the atmosphere change. We are welcomed by shades of acid colors, digital motive patterns (all the wallpapers are specifically designed for the project).
Tommaso uses two patterns: white dots that match the small holes on the monitor support structure, and white grid on the black background that continue on the ceiling. The 80’s atmosphere is liven up by original arcade toy machines, pool table, ping pong table and foosballs, the last two of them customized by Tommaso.
For more about Tommaso Guerra’s works please visit Facebook.

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