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Ori Pocket Closet For Mini Apartment
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Ori Pocket Closet For Mini Apartment

Ori company conceived within MIT has launched a modular robotic closet, the Ori Pocket Closet.

The Ori Pocket Closet is the walk-in closet for small places. The first-ever standalone walk-in closet instantly multiplies storage capacity in nearly any space. With a modern design, smooth operation, and effortless control, the Ori Pocket Closet expands to reveal spacious storage when you want it, then contracts to give you back your space for living.

The goal of the project? Increase the amount of available space for mini apartments, which are popping up in record numbers. Since 2014, Ori has been studying solutions for the MIT project City Home, fusing homes with robotics to gain back 15-20 square meters in small apartments. While the products were once destined exclusively for the business-to-business market, the group has since developed products marketed directly to consumers.

One of those is the Ori Pocket Closet, a motorized closet with various shelves and compartments allowing home owners to create a sort of retractable wardrobe with plenty of storage space.

With motors controlled by a robotic device, the closet can be activated at the touch of a button, from an app, or even from vocal home assistants like Google Home, Apple HomePod, or Amazon Echo. The multifunctional closet also allows space for a 50’’ tv screen and hides a foldable desk. Having recently hit the U.S. market, the Ori Pocket Closet is available for $2,640 – $3,450, depending on the number of shelves and compartments.

One can pre-order the pocket closet here.


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