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Milan is closed, let’s go to Milan!
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Milan is closed, let’s go to Milan!

The Italian city is well known for its unstoppable business, crazy work-life balance and skyscrapers. But it’s not just a working city.
The heart of Milan of course is culture, from its ancient architecture to modern fashion events, and don’t forget the museums.

Now that the city is going through a bad time, all public spaces are closed for collective health protection.

The good news is: if you’ve ever wondered to visit the Duomo or the Prada Foundation Art, just do it now. From your sofa. With Google Arts & Culture

With Google A&C you can take a virtual walk in the Museum of Modern Art, look up to the frescoed ceiling of Sala del Cenacolo. Browse the art collection of Museo del Novecento. Read the story of the city, from medieval paintings to contemporary urban art.

The Italian capital of design offers a lot of inspiration.

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