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Oldification | Recycled Elements by Dave Barnes
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Oldification | Recycled Elements by Dave Barnes

Found wood cut into various animal shapes, and then skillfully painted with storybook imagery that, somewhere along the way, has gone seriously wrong.  Yes… this is why I love the work of Vancouver based artist Dave Barnes. That, and of course, just the right amount of “oldification”:

[My] artistic approach involves the practice of transforming modern concept to reveal nostalgic mood, sometimes refered to as “Oldification”. Recycled elements, faded colours, layered/collaged backgrounds, and sand~papered imagery all play a part in this process, along with the use of bold observational line and memory dissolved Rockwellian imagery. Often disregarding conventional rectangular canvases for manipulated wooden shapes to help emphasize theme and subject, I try to use art as a translation of experience and observation that derives inspiration from environment and memory.

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