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Camouflages Herself Into Floral Wallpaper And Fabric
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Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes camouflages herself into floral wallpaper and fabric for her photographic serie called “Landscapes”.

For each portrait, she meltes her body with fabrics on the background becoming part of that landscape as well. Her torso, arms, and face fade into the background, as the curvature of her body and brown hair become some of the only indicators of her presence.

“I wrap, cover, or paint my body with the same pattern of the material and re-present myself as part of that landscape,” she explains. “Through this act, I am working on the theme of building my own identification with the entourage or part of the world where I live or where I feel I can call home. My bio has been described as nomadic so maybe this is also a need of addressing the process of constant relocation.”

Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, Peru and is also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently she has a solo exhibition at Museum of Latin America Art (MOLAA) in Los Angeles through December 30, 2018, and will open another solo exhibition at the Museum of the University of Navarra (MUN) in Spain on March 27, 2019.


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