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Christmas Gift Ideas: Feel Desain Tips
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Christmas Gift Ideas: Feel Desain Tips

Christmastime is near and the struggle for presents too. To help you we wrote a guide with some product recommendation!

So sit back, relax and take a look at some secret santa presents choosen by Feel Desain.

Myro Deodorant (USA only) | 10$

We already talked about Myro the refillable deodorant here designed by New York-based studio Visibility and creative direction by Deerfield. The design is super minimal and absolutely eco-friendly: the case is the same and the deodorant pods are recyclable. Moreover you have the possibility to choose between 5 different colors and scents. Yet the packaging is very nice and well-done: one can find a Myro case and a scent, plus a beautiful pins!

Currently the product ships only in the USA. We bet you won’t be disappointed!

Write Sketch & Stationery | From 5€ –

Colorful notebooks, A5 notebooks, a set of A6 notebooks and the metal ones and so on. A real tribute to hectic geometries, 80s postmodern movement and its most illustrious icons such as Memphis group and Ettore Sottsass.


Write Sketch & is a high quality stationery brand, founded in Milan in 2014. Our partner for thisCOVER event they create a limited edition of their Super sun pocket notebooks set. Please visit Write Sketch & site here.

Phone cases by Bellroy | € 15 – 45

Protect your phone and carry everything you need in one slim leather case…. Cases. So slim you’ll barely notice it. The clever solution for save space and keep things in order. The Australian brand Bellroy designed smart phone cases. Here’s a couple of examples.

Bellroy crafts slim leather wallets, pockets, and iPhone cases that aim to improve the way people carry. Started off as a kitchen table project in Melbourne’s Bells Beach and Fitzroy, Bellroy has quickly impressed the world with the team’s vision, insights, and dedication for what they set out to achieve. Free shipping for Australia, please visit

Memobottle | € 22 – 34

A masterpiece for designers: A5 and A6 slim, premium, reusable water bottles designed to fit in your bag and pocket. In an effort to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles being manufactured everyday, the Memobottle is a creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, California. It’s also durable, dishwasher-friendly, long life water bottle constructed from BPA-free Tritan. For our 8 Questions section, we interviewed the founder of the project.

Feel Magazine Pack | € 20

If you’re part of Feel Desain community you probably know that there’s also a paper version called FEEL. This year we released a second issue on the occasion of Forward Festivals Munich, Germany. It’s a collection of inspirational materials and creativity from brands and designers we love. Zaha Hadid Design, Hey Studio, Truly Design, Edoardo Tresoldi and so much more inside.

The magazine is available to purchase online (visit the shop here) where one can choose among different option: the first issue or the second one. Moreover at a special price there’s a combo: first and second issue € 20 only.


Ember Ceramic Mug | €99.95

The smart mug designed by Ammunition studio makes temperature-controlled products. You only need to connect it to your phone through Bluetooth and once the beverage reaches that temperature, the mug will maintain it.

Beautifully designed to be used in your home or at your desk, the Ember® Ceramic Mug is available in two different colors: black and white. “It’s the Tesla business model,” Clay Alexander, CEO of Ember, says. “We launched with a premium product. [The travel mug] had a digital screen and phase-change cooling–it’s space technology in your hand.” To read more, visit Ember Ceramic Mug on Feel Desain.

2019 Calendar by Slowdown Studio | € 20

As the tradition goes, Slowdown Studio is back with beautiful 2019 calendar. This one features the art of all of the 2018 Slowdown Art Comp winners. One cannot fall in love with the bold and colorful aesthetic. A special gift: calendars measure 5″ x 8 1/3″.

Our gift guide contains ideas for sustainable, design-led items for the holidays. Best wishes from Feel Desain’s team!

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