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Myro Is Minimal And Environmentally Friendly Deodorant
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Myro Is Minimal And Environmentally Friendly Deodorant

100% responsible, 0% weird chemicals. Myro Deodorant is a minimal deodorant design by New York-based studio Visibility, and creative direction by Deerfield.

The goal was to make a deodorant case people could flaunt. The design centers on a refill pods that use about 50% less plastic than drugstore deodorants. Moreover one can customize choosing both color case and the fragrance.

Myro Deodorant is available in 5 different cases – Flame, Moss Royal, Slate and Blush – with also 5 different fragrances – Solar Flare, Big Dipper, Chill Wave, Pillow Talk and Cabin #5.

The pods slip in, are used with the familiar turning of a dial and, when empty, pop out automatically. The multifaceted shape of the hardware is designed for easy turning and a tactile experience; of course, it also prevents the deodorant from rolling away when it’s on its side.

Currently the product ships only in the USA. Take a look at the site for more info: Myro Deodorant

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