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The Sol Motors Pocket Rocket Is The Perfect Urban Commuter Vehicle

The Sol Motors Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle. It’s a “noped” that can rocket forward at speeds up to 50mph powered by an 8.5hp electric motor.

This technologic vehicle has an unusual large aluminum tube, which encompassing the noped’s removable 220V battery power source and an internal computer compatible with both iOS and Android apps. Each end is capped by LED lights: a 6-bulb headlamp up front, and a circular array of rear brake lights and turn signals in the rear.

The design is reminiscent of Vanmoof e-bicycles, sharing a similar large tubular top tube design, exaggerated even further into artillery-sized proportions.

The Sol Motors Pocket Rocket makes the debut at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair.

Hydraulic braking system with regenerative brakes helps this compact personal vehicle eke out a range of up to 50 miles per charge. Additionally riders can switch between the three riding modes: “eco”, “sport”, and “wheelie”, the last showcasing the torque demand performance of EV vehicles.