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OpenAire | Nick+Beau
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OpenAire | Nick+Beau

San Francisco-based designers Nick+Beau have created a laptop bag that unfolds into a workstation—for people who like to work in unconventional environments.

Called the ‘OpenAire’, the lightweight laptop-carrying case made of pieces of wood and fabric has two layers. The outer protective shell opens up to make a legless chair with a backing; and the inner layer opens up to become a lap-desk with side panels that sits on the user’s lap. According to the designers, “OpenAire is portable furniture that complements the freedom of choice created by wireless network technology. By introducing a system that encourages spontaneity, we can shift the current ideology of the workplace from being stationary to being more fluid and mobile.”  OpenAire makes working in airports and parks possible, convenient and comfortable—ideal for those who need to work on the go.

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