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Feel Issue No. 2: A Magazine Cover Used As A Canvas
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Feel Issue No. 2: A Magazine Cover Used As A Canvas

As we are becoming digital junkies, most publishers are trying to figure out how to make the shift to digital. Less frequently do we see online publications expand to print. But that’s exactly what Feel has done.

Not everyone knows that Feel Desain has its own paper magazine called Feel. On May 31th Issue No.2 will be presented for the first time to public during Forward Festival in Munich, Germany. This edition has been printed by the online typography Printaly. The soft-touch coating creates a velvety texture which protects the 120 pages and it is environmentally friendly.


Feel Issue No. 2 wants to go one step further. Intentionally white the cover becomes a canvas for artists who can customize it with their own personal style. Edition n.2 will be available to purchase online (visit the shop here) and in-person at Forward Festival in Munich, Lodz Design Festival and NYCxDesign. The magazine has its own roots in Turin, Italy at Curve Creative Studio. So the Italian launch kicks off on June 6th evening at Circolo del Design, Turin (Italy).


When Feel Desain was founded in 2010, we simply want to find away to collect new inspirational materials and creativity from brands and designers we love. In 2015 we decided it was time for publish our first ever print edition.

Here’s a preview of Feel Issue No.2. If you want to customize Feel Issue No.2 cover, please drop a line at

To purchase the first and second issue at a special price, please visit our shop.

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