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Foldwork | Studio Berg
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Foldwork | Studio Berg

Wall art or drying rack? The choice is yours. Foldwork was originally created by Friederike Delius of Studio Berg as part of her diploma, and was intended to give a new look to something as functional and often unattractive as the humble drying rack. Delius’ design is somewhere in the middle of a wall piece and a clothes rack, and the geometric design would look at home in any modern space. The design was intended “to provide disregarded and primarily functional products in our household with a new appearance and give them their own personality in order to get them out of the utility rooms into the flat’s center of living”.

Foldwork_feeldesain_01 Foldwork_feeldesain_02 Foldwork_feeldesain_03 Foldwork_feeldesain_04 Foldwork_feeldesain_05 Foldwork_feeldesain_06

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