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Tyyni & Vanamo | Maija Puoskari
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Tyyni & Vanamo | Maija Puoskari

Another designer we came across at Salone Satellite at Milan Design Week this year was Maija Puoskari, a Finnish designer whose aesthetic is clean and whose lighting and mirrors have been inspired by Nordic nature. The products she exhibited this year are colourful but also have a beautiful Scandinavian simplicity and functionality to them and are stunning to look at. The Helsinki-based designer’s Tyyni mirror was inspired by the Saana mountain and the lake Kilpisjärvi, and is a subtle tribute to Finland’s landscape. Her powder-coated steel and mouth-blown glass Vanamo lamps (available both as floor lamp and pendants) on the other hand were influenced by the country’s flora and particularly by a subarctic woodland plant, from which the lamps take their name. Find out more about Maija and her designs on her website.

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