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Mapuguaquén | DocumentaryDesign
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Mapuguaquén | DocumentaryDesign

DOCUMENTARYDESIGN‘s Mapuguaquén (that’s “The Sound of the Earth” if you don’t speak Mapudungun, the indigenous aboriginal language of Chile) are hand-thrown clay speakers were another product to catch our eye at Milan Design Week‘s Salone Satellite. A truly multicultural product, the speakers were designed in Chile and Germany and are produced in Portugal. Made with Portuguese black clay on a potter’s wheel, finished with terra sigillata, and rounded with natural materials like olive wood and cork, the speakers represent environmentally friendly processes, local identity, and regional resources while incorporating wireless audio technology to provide an excellent sound system for modern music lovers. Mapuguaquén proves that speakers can be beautiful and that ceramic doesn’t always have to be associated with your Gran’s plates. The speakers are produced in limited editions and are all handmade. DOCUMENTARYDESIGN will be starting a pre-sales crowdfunding campaign soon in order to allow production of the first series to be finished by the end of the year.

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