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A Milan EXPO Pavilion every day | Day 3: Slovenia
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A Milan EXPO Pavilion every day | Day 3: Slovenia

For the 2015 Milan Expo, we’re bringing you a pavilion every day. Today, it’s back to Europe for Slovenia’s turn.


As you may imagine, Slovenia was keen to highlight the natural beauty found in the country, from its stunning lakes and streams to miles and miles of nature reserves and a huge variety of flora and fauna. Of course, these natural spaces are ideal for an active and healthy lifestyle, so Slovenia’s 1,910 square-metre pavilion shows the connection between a healthy environment and the healthy, natural foods produced within it. To demonstrate this naturalness, Slovenia and Sono Architects used natural materials – predominantly timber and glass – to create its geometric exhibition, timber representing the 60% of territory in the country covered in forest land. The pavilion, constructed by Lumar IG, is composed of five prismatical structures on a varied surface designed to represent the various landscapes found in Slovenia, from the mountains to the arable land, and even the underground caves. Inside the pavilion there are a series of interactive elements and exhibition spaces representing the small nation’s 24 gastronomical regions.


See some pictures of Slovenia’s pavilion below, and we’ll be back tomorrow with Pavilion #4…

ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_01 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_02 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_03 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_04 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_05 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_06 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_07 ExpoSlovenia_feeldesain_08

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