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Moon and Onda | Joa Herrenknecht
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Moon and Onda | Joa Herrenknecht

Showing alongside Olga Bielawska at Salone Satellite 2015 was young Berlin-based designer Joa Herrenknecht who, much like her Polish-German stand-mate, focuses on clean, beautiful, geometric designs. She loves to focus on all kinds of natural materials from stone to textiles, and her design work is equally varied, ranging from rugs to lamps to packaging. Her creations are for everyday use but always have a special twist. We particularly loved her Moon bookends which are created from marble and various metals. Inspired by art deco styles and simple geometry, the bookends are meant to be a way to hold our very favourite books in a beautiful manner, despite displaying books being increasingly uncommon compared to in the past. We also liked the Onda bedside lamp which uses touch-sensors and dimmable LEDs. It looks like a magic hat balancing on a stick and rotates to direct light where you want it. These are just two of her many products, but show off how versatile Joa is as a designer. Find more products on her website.

MoonOnda_feeldesain_01 MoonOnda_feeldesain_02 MoonOnda_feeldesain_03 MoonOnda_feeldesain_04 MoonOnda_feeldesain_05 MoonOnda_feeldesain_06 MoonOnda_feeldesain_07 MoonOnda_feeldesain_08

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